I worked on approximately 15 shots, which also includes 3D stereo conversion. My shots were mainly in the end battle sequence where the White Queen, Anne Hathaway, faces off with the Red Queen, Helena B. Carter. It was and epic battle where all of the characters came together especially the Jabberwocky. Half of the shots were a mix of green screen plates and CG, the other half was fully CG shots.

For example, on one shot (shown in the image below) the main character, Alice, was entirely on a green screen stage walking up steps. One of the first things that was addressed was all the reflectivity and green spill that the armor suit had. Some of the harder task was to create the interactive shadows that was coming from the Jabberwocky (the creature), onto the walls, floors and Alice. Another difficult task was to get Alice sitting into the shot properly. On set the stairs that she was walking on did not line up with the cg stairs, therefore I had to animate her steps for the final shot. The Jabberwocky was provided by the lighter in multiple passes, which gave a great range of tweaking, color corrections and depth of field information that was needed in the final comp. The ocean in the back was actually a still frame with some animated warping. The sky was created from 3D camera projection onto a dome. After this shot was final, I was also responsible for creating the 3D stereo version of the shot. The process was re-projecting the image onto 3D geometry through a different camera.